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The NFFC Region

The NFFC region is located in the Northern Finland on the 65th latitude. Four distinct seasons give diversity for the region and go from one extreme to another. An average of one metre of snow every winter and bright, long summer nights give it´s own unique label for the area and a magical setting for any story.


The Four Distinguished Seasons

Spring. Spring gets on its way from February and the snow melts in April - May. From March onwards the northern light increases towards midsummer.

Summer. Summer is the time for the midnight sun - in June and July the sun does not set at all. The average temperature reaches up to 21°C in July.

Autumn. The autumn in Northern Finland is colourful thanks to forests glowing with autumn tints. Usually the colourful autumn foliage occurs in September.

Winter. From November onwards one can expect snow in the Northern Finland. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) can be seen during this season. In December the temperature can be as low as -25°C.

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