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Fascinating Settings for Any Story

The NFFC region is like a miniature Finland itself: the region spreds out from the Gulf of Bothnia all the way to the Russian border and in between one can find a wide range of different landscapes - fascinating settings for any story.


Natural Environments

The region spreads from the coastline of the Gulf of Bothnia eastwards to the Russian border. From the flat coastline the scenery changes first into gently rolling country, then into desolate northern tree-covered hills and finally into fells and taiga forests. The province is split by waterways that connect the White Sea in Karelia to the Gulf of Bothnia, forming a centuries-old trade route, the White Viena Route. The western part is characteristically marine; the western flat fields also have idyllic countryside villages and foggy swamps. The eastern areas of the province attract with untamed northern nature and its wildlife. The natural environment is part of the subarctic region and its coniferous forests.

Urban Cities



An important centre in the Northern part Finland is Oulu (200 000 inhabitants). It was founded in 1605 and is a marine university city and an internationally known technology centre. The technology city even offers its visitors a free wireless internet connection. Oulu is also the centre of northern culture, known for the most northern professional symphony orchestra, the shouting choir Mieskuoro Huutajat and the air-guitar world championship.


The centre for the eastern side of the region and a centre for wintertime tourism is Kuusamo. It is located on the crossroads of East, West, North and South and this can be seen in the unique landscape. Cultures are mixed here; one can feel the influences of Lappish Sami culture as well as features of the Russian White Sea Karelia. The Russian border in Kuusamo that was closed for about 70 years opened up for international traffic in September 2006.



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