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The Heroes of the High Sea

Location City of Oulu
Shot March 2013, 5 days

Through storms, ice, ferocious winds, freezing cold and physical exhaustion, these men and women work, repair, fish and save lives. Day and night, despite the dangers and the accidents, they battle, on unbeaten by the angry oceans. Totally embedded with them, The Heroes of the high seas goes right to the heart of daily life in these extraordinary situations. In each of the jobs something different is at stake. Each of the situations has its own inherent dangers. The heroes of these films take us into their work, sharing their daily challenges with us. Challenges in which the working conditions and the constant dangers and risks push them to the limit. This is an exciting, highly-charged four-part documentary series, following in parallel by episode the four amazing stories of these extreme heroes of the high seas.

Produced by MFP
Directed by: Thierry Robert, Jean-Yves Cauchard, Vincent Fooy and Benoît Grimont
Produced by: Philippe Molins, Martin Ajdari, Sylvie Faiderbe


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